Letter from the president

Friday December 21st, 2012

Dearest community,

It is with great honor that I welcome you to our society’s new website, a hub where our expertise converges to provide patients and professionals alike with the latest information and the best practices pertaining to the field of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.

It has always been very clear to us that it is essential to educate and spread awareness of the various Otolaryngology, Head and Neck problems and diseases among our society members, hence providing better service to our Lebanese community. That is why we set out to develop a web portal that would allow anyone with a simple internet browser to have access to and benefit from our services.

Our online presence should serve as a communication platform among our society members and connect them to other international societies whereby international conferences and meetings would become easily accessible and announced.

The website will not only provide our specialists with access to medical information, but allows them to be recognized by patients seeking specific medical help.

Our society’s goals, however, don’t stop there. We find it crucial that our ENT professionals are always kept up to date with the latest advancements in the field, from both aspects medical and surgical, or more importantly, staying up to date with the ever so growing scientific data that deepen our knowledge and enable us to come up with better treatments and surgical techniques. To this end, the ENT society endeavors to provide ENT specialists with dates of medical conferences, along with other academic news, and encourages them to attend them.

In addition, the ENT society encourages its members to contribute original scientific material through the publishing of articles, and acts as an interest group encompassing the whole of the ENT professionals body, facilitating and fostering cooperation with other similar bodies, and with academic institutions.

I would like here to thank the AUB Medical Library for their significant cooperation in providing us with access to valuable medical material that is of beneficial outcome to our specialists. I urge you to subscribe to AUB medical Newsletter through our website and take advantage of the articles and publications that you will be granted for Free.

My hope is that the society, and this website, would prove beneficial and of added value to the Lebanese community, so that we stay true to our promise of providing the best care possible.

With all good wishes,

Usamah Hadi,

ENT Society President