Abbott Event

Feb 9. 2013

Feb 9  2013 was a great date to remember.

Abbott stepped a remarkable step in the ranking of multinational pharma companies by arranging a unique event by all means.
More than 110 doctors attended the 1st session in the Academy of Vertigo in 2013.

The event started with a presentation by the head of the ENT society titled “Generics: Safe or Cheap???”, where Dr. Hadi elaborated on the difference between Brand and Generic.

Then the society bid farewell to Dr. Georges Zeitoun.
Dr. Zeitoun thanked Dr. Hadi and the ENT Society for this farewell and highlighted Abbott’s role in raising awareness on vertigo which is “second to none”.
After that he shared with the audience some case reports on vertigo, and went over the proceedings of the newsletter in a quick manner, leaving it to the audience as a reference for all what they need to know about vertigo.

This event met its 2 objectives:

  1. Introducing the first edition of the newsletter (that took more than 4 months of preparation) to the audience by Dr. Zeitoun
  2. Stressing the importance of sticking to the brand, and following 3 criteria when prescribing any generic:
    1. Pharmaceutical equivalence
    2. Bio-equivalence
    3. Bio-availability

Finally the society committed to publishing the proceeding on its web page so that it will be accessible to everyone.

The event took place at LOP (Lebanese Order of Physicians).